Mint is Coming to Europe

Posted on by Dan

During a live stream of the session titled…”Technology Makes Money Human” at The Future of Money and Technology Conference ..

I asked via twitter…

Is anyone especially Patzer considering European market #futureofmoney

Most pleasingly Cathy Brooks, asked the question live.

Aarons reply, was basically, paraphrasing – “Yes, but I wont say when” – he had just said that’s next few months focus is on making US bank integration better, so I’m not expecting it this summer.

Aaron also spoke about possible changes required as well due to the differences between Europe and US, so I think there is more for Mint to do before we see it on our shores.

The rest of the panel was…

Aaron Patzer –
Kevin Reeth – Outright
Mark Goldstein – Home Account
Moderator: Cathy Brooks – Other Than That

The video of the session is here. My question features at 1:00:54

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