Personal Bank Data API

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We believe everyone should have access to their own personal data – and do with it what they want.

So we have just pushed live our first draft of our public READ ONLY Api.

We are working on granting third parties read only tokens to your data so other developers can do cool stuff as well.

In the examples below, the tkn query parameter would normally be a one of token that you receive from and authorisation request (more details over at github)

the in=2 query parameter is to pretty print the JSON response with a 2 character indent..

Some sample Url’s…

An individual – showing some bank accounts:

You can then use the ‘keyname’ for each account to look at the transactions for each account…

Or list all accounts and all transactions for an individual:

Of course if you are not so techy – you can always just dump all your data out as CSV

Theres plenty more where that came from and we will provide more detail and documentation at our github page:

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