Android Tagging and Targets Beta

Posted on by Dan

If you can manually install .apk’s on Android and fancy being a beta tester then go ahead and download version 200 from the link below…

Click to download apk

The new version is backwards compatible, but should start a background refresh, which will complete after a few minutes, then all the new features should be available. If you dont see any targets for this month try navigating back to May, you may not have any transactions for June yet.

The two biggest new behaviours are you can now click on a transaction and change how it is displayed, and add tags…

If you have used the web app … then you will be pretty familiar with the concepts.

The second thing is the menu on the Accounts list screen…

From which you can access the new targets screen…

The Android app now will also notice any changes you make online and update its data every 30 seconds or so.

Download the apk to get started…

Click to download apk

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Transaction Auto Tagging on iPad and iPhone

Posted on by Dan

Our latest release of the iPhone and iPad app is now live in the app store.

Auto Tagging
This version includes auto tagging. Now when you tag a transaction and keep ‘Apply to All’ set to ‘Yes’ then all transactions with a matching description will be tagged the same.

We try and be smart about ignoring dates in the description, and ignoring numbers when you tag things as Cheque.

Any new transactions that match one of the rules will be automatically tagged in the same way.

You can now delete tags entirely, so they wont show up in the list when you choose to tag a transaction, and you can remove individual rules. Go to the settings page and choose ‘Tags’

Tag management

Now we are cracking on working these features into the Android app. Updates soon

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